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Thursday, January 16, 2014


shrI shrI 1008 shrI satyAtmathIrtha srIpAdaMgaLavaru
This is a simple composition, made a couple of months ago.. Anyway, i want to share it here.. it was made with only one thing in mind: to share one of secrets of happy, tension-less living.. if you can see the divine in this, my purpose is fulfilled.,.
When you have in plenty feel not that they are empty
When you have in scanty feel not that you are empty
When they have in plenty feel not that you are empty
When they have in scanty feel not that they are empty
Scanty is everything to plenty
Realize the plenty in scanty and become empty
Relative are the plenty-scanty-empty to one other

Notice that all are plenty to itself but scanty to plenty
Scanty is not empty
Plenty is not empty
Scanty can never be the plenty
Scanty can be the plenty of scanty but not the scanty of plenty
Scanty can never be the plenty
I am NOT that ! & can never be.. :)
This is the truth .. !

- sunil anandatheertha

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