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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A traveller's thoughts..

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Being a traveller traversing the plans to traverse uphill amidst the flower gardens on the sideways of a cobbled imaginary-space traversed by the greats uphill and downhill, an offshoot of a wild deepening thought took off in an insignificant region of a lovely imaginary-reflection-space reflected off of a deep, mystic, untouched, pure and pristine underlying fabric of space, time, order, reality, matter, energy and everything else; a path which would put me from all mathematical to the supreme non-mathematical, and towards the worship of the creator of all mathematical and non-mathematical spaces and times...
So my fellow travellors, I would like to put forth my little contemplations of the reflections of the reality of traversing such a path from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, from incomplete to the self-complete.
Without much ado, here it is -->
Oh 'x', so you were all this time
Oh 'x', kept growing with 't', all this time!
Oh my,
oh 'x', such incomprehensible beauty now engulfs you that you are now a mature vector space.
Oh x, you are partly 'x1' in my PDE, in as much as partly you are like 'x2',..,'xn' in the PDE. Oh look, you have a friend 't' 'now'.
Oh 't' and the supreme n-plets of space; matter and everything else which depend on your nature; and your derivatives of all possible orders thereof of the 'n' tensor fields of random Z+ ranks, I beg you with my mighty puny please, render the PDE where you reside to become VARIABLE SEPERABLE !!
May the manifest and the unmanifest Reinmann manifolds render themselves smooth upon me, may all n-surfaces become INF-continuous and INF-differentiable, may all that is random and unknown, eventhough they are Δ or 𝛿, however big or tiny they might be, render themselves zero and allow my 'tiny sub-set' of the reflections of the supreme incomprehensible infinite topological space to be such, as to render the possibility of finding a solution for this PDE in this PDE or the next !!"
And then, at last, I would be free with a solution, or would I?
That,...... my friends,,,,,,,,,,, only 't' can narrate....
May we have a true R extent in 'the' extant
May the 'i' in 'Z' disappear....
This could happen, might not happen; might be wrong might be right, but who knows only 't' can tell !!
But, oh great 't', you seem to depend on something else, which I know not and that which I am uncertain as to whether i can know or know not.
For your 'this' dependence and its nature thereof, I applaud, for, I am left spellbound, mesmerized and goose-bumped as it is flows from and in all that move in x, t and eveything else.
For that something, the best I can do is to be amazed and hence postray again and again. Some say, its a someone. I know not now and I know not that I shall know, for it/he is beyond the known. For IT, for HIM, I postray again and again and the best I can do is to pray, that this PDE be rendered VARIABLE SEPERABLE and a solution be existing and expressible only in terms of functions as comprehensible as the TRUE incomprehensible transcendental; and thus be cleared of the clutter on such a street, uphill.
I mean, if you know what I mean .....🙂

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