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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Three most important siblings

Well, i think you might be wondering what these three siblings are in the first place. What do they represent ?. When do they take birth ?.. Are they of any benifit ?.. Why are they important ?.. What should one do to get these siblings ?.. Above all, how to nurture these siblings ?.. Such are the questions which naturally arise to a mind.. Before all, let us look at who these three siblings are.. They are jnAna, bhakti and vairAgya. Most of you would have already recognized why these siblings are important to us ?.. When we are in dark situation, we first think of light and then try to do something which would remove the darkness and bring light into the situation. Almost all decisions of a mind (an animal's as well as a human's -- here i separately represent animals and humans since they are light years apart in turn of their capabilities, both intellectual and physical) are influencedd by this urge to bring light into whatever situation it might be in, be it emotional, be it spiritual, be it financial, be it personal, or be it anything else.. It is the desire that keeps a mind going on. Just as a kid playing a video game gathers tokens and gifts in a certain level finds his next level of the video game influenced by the type and quantity of gifts he acquired in the current level, a being, in his present life gathers his lot of gifts and goodies as he traverses in his finite lifetime. His next life is influenced by the quality and quantity of his actions in the present. Three such life changing goodies are jnAna, bhakti and vairAgya. Our lives in the next level and also in the current level, are to a great extent influenced by how much of these goodies we acquire in a lifetime. 

Many types of tasks can be carried out with ease with each of these three goodies. jnAna helps to create, sustain and destroy. bhakti also helps to create, sustain and destroy. vairAgya also helps yo create, sustain and destroy. Hence, three acts of creations, three acts of sustenance and three acts of destruction can be carried out, totally nine actions. What are three three creations, sustenance and destruction. The three creations are number 1, the creation of information about the supreme, number 2, the creation of urge to know about the supreme and number 3, the creation of a process which destroys ignorance about the supreme. The three sustenance are number 1 sustenance of the awareness of having the information about the supreme, number 2 the sustenance of the urge to know more about the supreme, and number 3 the sustenance of the actions leading to the death of ignorance about the supreme. The three destruction are the destruction of saMdEha (doubts) in the information about the supreme, number 2, the destruction of urge to involve in actions which would deviate us from the paths of knowing more about the supreme and number 3, the destruction of ignorance about the supreme. The triangle of jnAna bhakti vairAgya also helps create, sustain and destroy the ego, wherein creation applies to the true ego that is the knowledge of the self, the sustenance applies to the sustenance of the state of knowing the true ego, and the destruction applies to the destruction of the false ego that is the materialistic ego. jnAna helps realise the true-self, bhakti helps sustain this relaization and vAirAgya helps destroy the false notion of self. 

vAirAgya, by destroying the false notion of self, fuels the processes of jnAna and bhakti and makes it easier for jnAna and bhakti to make its impact. jnAna destroys ignorance and makes it easier for bhakti and vairAgya to make its impact. bhakti cleanses the mind and makes it easier for jnAna and vairAgya to make its impact. 

In this way, the the triangle of jnAna bhakti varirAgya becomes a self-supporting set of cause-effect cycle, the sole motto of which is to separate out the clutter and help us see the true-self and the supreme. Hence, it is an engine, an engine of jnAna bhakti vairAgya. What then is the fuel ?.. The fuel is nothing but bhagavdanugraha. We must reach the destination using this engine by praying to the supreme to provide us with the fuel. He provides us with the fuel in a quantity directly proportional to the quality of the engine that we construct. What then is the vehicle ?.. Who are the passengers  then?.. What is the destination then ?... Just where did we start in the first place on this journey that we are supposed to complete ?.... The vehicle is not this body, not this mind, but the jIva. The passengers are our various karmAs and we carry them with us for the entire journey. The more mature, lighter and good the passengers are the more easier the journey will be. The destination has many points. First point is when arrive into a life where the environment around us becomes more congenial to improve our driving skills and also upgrade our engine. There might be many such subsequent points in the journey, each point being a deciding factor of how the journey to the next point will be.. satkArmAs exponentially speed us up in this journey, whereas dushTa karmAs exponentially slow us down in this journey. The last but second point is the realization of the self in relation to the supreme and the last point where the journey ends is realization of the supreme and the relation of the supreme to the self. The journey between these last two points is entirely decided by the supreme alone, as that juncture, the driver who had been on the front seat with the supreme in his heart steps down from his seat and hands himself to the supreme and then on it will be purely hari icche (the desire of shrI hari, the supreme). jnAna bhakti vAirAgya has two important functions in this journey. Firstly, it vacates all the bad passengers and brings in good passengers and secondly, it makes the driver to not to fight the icche of shrI hari in his heart. Such great is the importance of jnAna bhakti and vairAgya....

What's more is that these three are the best siblings. Why are these the best siblings can be understood by looking at the analogous worst siblings that there can be. The three worst siblings are agnAna, dwEsha and avairAgya. All three of these siblings result in exponential downfall.. With each of the jnAna, bhakti and vairAgya, we should fight each of the agnAna, dwEsha and avairAgya.. Each of these three of both the good and bad types is a sibling, as they take birth by our karmAs of the past lives and the past of the present life.

- sunil anandatheertha

pUjyAya rAghavEMdrAya satyadharma rathAyacha ||
bhajatAM kalpavrikshAya namtAm kAmadhEnave ||

hari sarvOttama vAyu jIvOttama paMchabEdha tAratamya jagatsatya

saraswati bhajane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqohKBRPbQg

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