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Monday, August 26, 2013

Every word, every sound is an epithet of GOD.

Well, this is where the beauty of vEdic philosophy gets revealed. It is in fact one of the practical demonstrations to the words of the vEdAs and shrI madhwAchArya that "every word, every sound is an epithet of GOD". GOD is known by infinite names. He is also sarvanAdapratipAdya. The literary meanings of nAda is 'vibration', 'sound', etc. This is one of the most practical and 'scientific' words actually. Temperature is the degree of hotness of something which exists, in that it is an indication of the degree of vibrations of individual atoms that the body is composed of. If there were nothing, and if the whole world is an illusion, then there would be no 'real' heat energy and hence there would be no temperature, in other words, there is zero degree Kelvin temperature. But, it is a proven fact that there is no such thing as zero degree Kelvin and in fact it is unattainable in practice according to the fundamental laws of thermodynamics, by which the universe is governed. Hence, in the word nAda, there is an inherent expression of the fact that - "the world is not an illusion and is real". Even if we were to stop the motions of atoms even for an infinitesimally small amount of time, it would result in two things: i) the very act of trying to make it come to stand still, would increase the entropy of the universe an amount proportional to the energy that would otherwise be contained in the atom if were to be left undisturbed !. That is, that portion of the nAda which would have been represented by that particular atom, is now represented by other atoms, on its behalf !!. ii) Even though, if were to make it stop vibrating, we would still not succeed in the mission because, the individual electrons and individual protrons and neutrons and their various interactions, still go on. If these go on, it means that there is subatomic vibration but we are not able to perceive the atomic level vibrations. Hence, the word nAda is also imperative of the fact that - "energy cannot be destroyed !! but can only be transferred", which is exactly the law of conservation of energy and hence also the first law of thermodynamics !!. Why i highlight these points is that we have to know the greatness of the word nAda. The individual swarAs of a language (be it saMskrit, or music, or kannaDa etc.) are multi-faceted expressions of the underlying nAda. Hence, every swara represents nAda. Understanding a swara leads us to the path of that underlying nAda. This inturn leads us to GOD; how does it do so--> janmAdyasya yataH. When something as fundamental as nAda (let alone physical matter) exists, it needs a source, which is vishNu or GOD, who is in turn his own source. These arguments are in essence a logical and scientific proof of Shri madhwAchAryA's sentence: "Every sound is an epithet of GOD".

- Sunil Anandatheertha

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